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Dr. Hani Jahshan

Currently I am the Senior Consultant Forensic Pathologist at Royal Medical Services, Bahrain Defense Force. Until 2012 I was Consultant Forensic Pathologist and a Forensic Physician at the Ministry of Health, and at the Family Protection Directorate, Public Security Department in Amman Jordan. 

The best definition of my professional specialty as Forensic Pathologist and Forensic Physician is: "The Application of Medical Knowledge to the Administration of Law and to the furthering of Justice". I do believe in the broad meaning of "furthering Justice" to be extended beyond the legal system to include social justice and preventing any violation of Human Rights.

Through my specialty I am dedicated to a wide range of high quality, high value, and independent forensic medical and scientific services. In a spirit of public duty I do believe that our mission in Forensic Medicine is to help people live healthy life, both physically and mentally  in a just and safe environment both at family and society levels; through (1) Persistent application of evidence based quality justice and human rights in the community. (2) Reinforcing  the Family as the unit of healthy society by reduction of family violence and child abuse. (3) Supporting public health and safe communities initiatives aiming for reduction of preventable injuries and deaths. (4) Reduction of the short and long term consequences of violent crime on victims. (5) Support medical and legal education and research. 

Over a period of 26 years I performed over 8500 postmortem examinations and clinically evaluated over 7500 victims of sexual violence, child abuse, and domestic violence, and several hundreds of cases of torture and other forms of violations of human rights. 

As a medical professional who studied and valued Human life, I believe strongly that each individual in our globe is precious, special and deserve the best.

My professional activities include, in addition to clinical and pathology practice, teaching in the areas of Forensic Medicine and Family Violence, to a wide variety of students, including undergraduates and postgraduates Medicine, Law, Police and social sciences. 

I was awarded the “President’s Award of the American National Association of Medical Examiners 2008” for contributions to the fields of maternal and child safety and prevention of child and domestic violence.


I am is a Forensic Pathology Expert to the International Criminal Court, and  Violence Prevention expert to UNICEF and WHO..

Specialties: Forensic Pathology, Clinical Forensic Medicine, Child Rights, Human Rights​.​


Curriculum vitae: Arabic  English

  1. Forensic Pathology Expert، International Criminal Court (ICC). List of Experts

  2. Editorial Board member of the UN Secretary General study on Violence against Children (Page VI)

  3. WHO Guidelines for Medico-Legal Care for Victims of Sexual Violence (Page vii)

  4. NAME President Awards for ongoing special service.

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